Más de 100 programas gratis para MAC

16/12/08 10:25-Colegio.
Más de 100 programas gratis para MAC

…mientras nos dan de baja en Telefónica….

y tenemos conexión en casa, seguiremos usando la conexión del colegio en las horas no lectivas para ir poniendo alguna cosilla por ahí.

Hoy los makeros (o maqueros, mackeros, que de varias formas ya lo he visto) estarán de enhorabuena porque os traigo más de 100 programas (en concreto 115) libres para Mac

Los váis a poder encontrar en la página UsingMac. El listado es:

  • Productividad.
1 Think
Simple Utility to Help Concentrate On Your Current Activity
2 SketchBox
Sticky Notes Manager for Your Mac Desktop
3 Slife
Complete Interface for You to Completely Analyze your Activities
4 Todos
Dock Expansion to Put All of Your Applications
5 Anxiety
To-Do List Application that Synchronizes with iCal and Mail
6 Backboard
Application for Easier Taking Notes and Writing Down Tasks
7 EtreTask
Small, Fast and Easy-to-Use To-Do List Manager
8 Out of Mind
Simple and Elegant To-Do Application
9 Camouflage
Tool to Hide All Icons Behind Wallpaper
10 iClockr
Tool to Track Timeline for Different Tasks and Projects
11 TaskMate
Simple To-Do List Application
12 Appointments
Keep Records of Customers, Contact Persons and Related Important Events
13 Evernote
Synchronizable Evernote Service for Clipping Webpages, Taking Notes and Creating To-Do Lists
14 SyncMate
Synchronizer for Mac to Organize Documents, Text Messages, Contacts, etc
15 PresentYourApps
Helps You Hide the Dock and Menu Bar While Opening Cocoa Applications
16 Dock Spaces
Extend Spaces of Your Dock Up To 10 Different Docks
17 MindNode
Easy Mind-Mapping for Your Mac
  • Sistema.
18 OnyX
Multifunction Utility for Maintenance, Optimization and Personalization of Your System
19 Deeper
Personalization Utility for Mac OS X which Reveals Hidden Settings
20 EverSave
Save All of Your Documents to Avoid Data Loss During Applications Crash
21 Pref Setter
Application to Edit Property List Files and Viewing Preference Files
22 MacLoc
Log Out from System without Closing Applications
23 Caffeine
Prevent Your Mac from Automatically Going to Sleep, Dimming the Screen or Starting Screen Savers
24 SMART Reporter
Protect Your Data with System Failure Prediction
25 Loginox
Application for Easier Customization of Login Screen
26 Mactracker
Mactracker Provides Detailed Information on Every Apple, Motorola, PowerComputing, and UMAX Mac OS Computers
27 SuperDocker
Little Application to Help You Modify Your Dock, Dashboard or Safari Loading Bar’s Appearance with Simple Drag & Drop
  • Herramientas y Utilidades.
28 Burn
Burning Application for Mac OS X
29 Paparazzi!
Utility for Mac OS X to Make Screenshots of Webpages
30 Linotype FontExplorer X
Font Management Application
31 Growl
Notification System for Mac OS X which allows your Growl-supported applications to send you notifications
32 iStat Pro
Highly Configurable Mac OS X Widget that Helps You Monitor Your System
33 WeatherSnitch
Weather Forecast on Your Menu Bar
  • Administración de Archivos.

34 AppCleaner
Small Application to Allow You Thoroughly Uninstall Unwanted Apps
35 AppFresh
Application to Keep All Applications Up-To-Date
36 Punakea
Little App to Allow Your Manage Files by Tagging and Bookmarking
37 NameChanger
Rename List of Files Quickly and Easily
38 Set Icon
Application to Help You Set Custom Icon for Your Drives
39 Carbon Copy Cloner
Clone, Synchronize and Backup Your Files
40 Monolingual
Application for Mac OS X to Remove Unnecessary Language Resources
41 SpotInside
Search and Look Inside Documents
42 SpotLook
Graphical Interface to Mac OS X Leopard’s Spotlight
  1. Lanzadores de Aplicaciones.

43 Quicksilver
A Unified, Extensible Interface for Working with Applications, Contacts, Music, and Other Data
44 Namely
Application Launcher that Requires Less Time for Learning
45 TigerLaunch
Easy-to-configure Application Launcher for Mac OS X
46 HimmelBar
Configurable Custom Folders to Give Extra Space for Launching Applications
  • Redes Sociales.

47 GarageBuy
Client Application for Buying and Searching on the eBay Online Auction
48 Delibar
Delicious in Your Menu Bar
49 Gabtastik
Site Specific Browser for web chat services such as Facebook Chat
50 EventSync
Sync Your Facebook Events with iCal
51 PhotoBook
Facebook Photo Browser for Mac
52 FMenu
Facebook Events on your Menu Bar
53 MiniTwit
Tweet in a Fast and Dynamic Ways
54 TwitterPod
Twitter Client for Mac OS X
55 Syrinx
Customizable Twitter Client for Mac OS X Leopard
56 Photo Grabbr
Easily Download Photos and Photosets from a Flickr Account
  • Mensajería Instantánea.

57 Adium
Free Universal Instant Messaging Application for Mac
58 Microsoft Messenger
MSN Messenger Client for Mac
59 Skype
Application for Phone Call over Internet
60 Colloquy
Advanced IRC, SILC and ICB Client
61 Hab.la
Live Chat Application with Website’s Visitors
  • Editores de Texto.

62 TextWrangler
Fully Featured and Functional Text Editor
63 NeoOffice
Set of Office Applications for Mac OS X
64 Aquamacs Emacs
Mac OS X Text Editor Based on GNU Emacs
65 Bean
Small, Easy-to-use Word Processor Designed to Make Writing Convenient, Efficient and Comfortable
66 Smultron
Free and Easy-to-Use Text Editor for Mac OS X Leopard
  • Email, RSS y clientes Atom.

67 Thunderbird
Email Application to Help You Organize, Secure and Customize Your Mail
68 NetNewsWire
Easy-to-Use RSS and Atom NewsReader for Mac OS X
69 Vienna
Freeware and Open Source RSS/Atom Newsreader for Mac OS X
  • Lectores PDF.

70 Adobe Reader
Adobe’s Free Solution for Viewing PDF Documents
71 Skim
PDF Reader and Note-Taker for OS X
  • Clientes FTP.

72 Cyberduck
FTP, SFTP, WebDAV and Amazon S3 Browser for Mac OS X
73 Classic FTP
Easy to Use FTP Client
  • Clientes BitTorrent.

74 Transmission
Multi-Platform BitTorrent Client
75 Vuze
The Reigning Heavy-Weight BitTorrent Client
  • Redes.

76 iStumbler
Great Utility to Detect Wi-Fi Signals
77 Visual NetTools
Set of Network Scanning, Security, and Administrator Tools for Mac
78 Remote Desktop Connection
Client to Connect to a Microsoft Windows-Based Computer from Your Mac
  • Navegadores Web.

79 Mozilla Firefox 3
Quick and Secure Web Browser
80 Camino
Open Source Web Browser for Mac OS X
81 Opera
Quick and Simple Web Browser for Your Mac
82 Flock
Web Browser that Makes Your Community Live Easier
  • Audio.

83 Audacity
Free, Cross-Platform Sound Editor
84 QLab
Live Media Timelines for Mac OS X
85 UltraMixer
Professional Digital DJ Solution to Mix Digital Music in Various Formats
86 ToolPlayer
Simple Music Player for OS X that Supports FLAC, MP3, Apple Lossless, AIFF, WAV, etc
87 SimpleSynth
Plug MIDI Keyboard and Play with SimpleSynth
  • Video.

88 VLC Media Player
Cross-Platform Multimedia Player
89 RealPlayer
Mac OS X Version of RealPlayer
90 Flash Player
Flash Player for Your Mac
91 ooVoo
Free Video Chat and Video Conferencing
92 Jing
Instantly Captures Images and Records Video
93 FrameByFrame
Stop Motion Movie Creator for Mac
94 AutoRate
iTunes Rating Made Easy
  • Juegos.

95 Quinn
A Tetromino Game for Mac OS X
  • Editor de Imágnes.

96 Sweet Home 3D
Application for Quick Interior Design
97 Blender
Open Source 3D Content Creation Suite
GNU Image Manipulation Program
99 DrawBerry
Application for Vectorial Drawing
100 Xee
Lightweight, Fast and Convenient Image Viewer and Browser
101 Colorate
Utility for Creation of Harmonized Color Palettes and Color Schemes
102 Poladroid
Create High Resolution Polaroid-like Pictures from Digital Photos
  • Compresores.

103 The Unarchiver
Archive Unpacker Program for Mac OS X
104 7zX
High Compression Ratio File Archiver
105 UnRarX
Cocoa Application to Expand RAR Archives
106 Stomp
Video Re-Compressor
  • Google.

107 Google Earth
Application that Shows You the World’s Geographic Information
108 Google Notifier
Notification Tool for Gmail and Gcal Events
  • Uploader.

109 Flickr Uploadr
Tool to Help You Send Pictures to Flickr Photo Service
  • Programación IDE.

110 MySQL
Most Popular Open Source SQL Database
111 NetBeans
IDE for Different Programming Languages
  • Plugin QuickTime.

112 Flip4Mac WMV
QuickTime Plugin for Playing WMA Content
113 Perian
QuickTime Component that Adds Native Support for Many Popular Video Formats
  • Conversores.

114 HandBrake
DVD to MPEG-4 Converter
115 Senuti
Transfer Songs from Your iPod Back to Your Computer

Y ahora falta que no os enpachéis.


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